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Butler, Houseman, Major Domo, Domestic Staffing
About Us:
That's why Allied Employment  Domestics
is YOUR #choice!!!
FLORIDA'S OLDEST and MOST RELIABLE Your Private  Domestic Staffing PROFESSIONALS-Specializing in Multiple Residence Services
Our company was established in 1923 and for nearly 100 years we have provided Quality Household Domestic Staffing for those of you who have come to expect only the VERY BEST!
Our Career Candidates are Professionally PRE-SCREENED,
experienced, skilled and of  the HIGHEST caliber and quality.
You will recognize the DIFFERENCE ...
and you will be IMPRESSED!!!
You can rest assured that we are EXTREMELY SELECTIVE and that we  DO OUR JOB well ...we will not waste YOUR VALUABLE Time or Money!
We Specialize in Staffing
Butler, Major Domo, Houseman Household Help, Event Staffing
.   Estate Managers                                     
  • Majordomos
  • Butlers/Valets
  • Social Secretary
  • Personal Shoppers/ Couture Stylists 
  • Personal Assistant/Clerical/Computing
  • Housekeepers/ Executive Housekeepers
  • Couples (Live-in or Out)
  • Caretakers/Groundskeepers/ Floral Gardeners
  • Houseman
  • Laundresses-Fine Fabric care 
  • Cooks & Servers                                                       
  • Private Chefs (Executive, De Cuisine, Pastry, etc.) 
  • Chauffeurs/Personal Drivers (incl. seasonal vehicle delivery/return) 
  • Body Guards/Estate Security Specialists                 
  • Landscape/Horticulture/Greenhouse Professionals
  • Home Maintenance Specialists
  • Home Health Aides/Companion Care/CNA's
  • Professional Children's Nannies & "Granny Nannies" 

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